Friday 29 April 2022

AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 the Future of ETH mining!

 The Future of ETH mining is here. AnexMiner ET7 absolute beast of a miner with an impressive 6000MH/s!

The real money-maker is here!

    The AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 is an amazing piece of equipment that is capable of mining up to 28 coins annually. This is more than enough to make up for the price of  $92,300. This miner is going to pay for itself two times over in two years' time. Yes, the power bills are quite high but not as high as when you are mining Bitcoin, in fact on average, you would be paying about 2 dollars a day for electricity and get $216 worth of ETH, or at least at the current price! 
    You might be getting a lot more than that in the future, who knows how high the price of Ether is going to go with the amount of adoption we see in recent years and the many teams working and building new apps on the network, the price might go as high as $10,000 per token, some experts claim.

The merge into Eth 2.0

    There is great uncertainty in the whole mining community, as to when exactly the move from proof of work to proof of stake is going to happen. The ETH organization is still working hard on this endeavor, yet there seems to be not enough progress, and the date of the actual merge seems like it gets postponed every time the release comes close. 
    2.0 is going to come, but it is not going to be in the next 2 years, this is more than enough time to make enough crypto to pay for two AnexMiner Dark Star ET7. And when the time comes, you would be ready for a new peak in the markets. Not only that, but Vitalik has said that this update is going to make the crypto deflationary, which would mean that the supply of the token is only going to go down. 

What we know about the manufacturer:

    The main thing we know about this company is that they make Eth miner, and they seem to deliver on their process. is a Chinese manufacturer, well pretty much all of them are, but these guys are quite bold to release such an expensive machine at such uncertain times.
    Well-known retail companies have already received some units, but it is expected that the actual official date of shipments would be around May of 2022, and the first deliveries to consumers would be around June.

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